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Summer Preparations – are you ready for the fire season?

Now is the time to consider preparing natural areas for the fire season. With so many of Perth’s natural area situated in the heart of urban landscapes, the management of fire fuel loads is an important consideration to  protect properties and save lives. Natural Area Management & Services (NAMS) offers a range of fire fuel load management services, including maintenance and construction of fire breaks, preparation of areas for prescribed burning activities, fire fuel load mapping and fire fuel load management plans. If you require assistance with your fire fuel load management, please contact Natural Area for a quote (here).


Summer is also the time to consider organising Phosphite treatment for Dieback susceptible areas. Phytophthora cinnamomi (Dieback) is a root fungus with the potential to devastate natural areas within Western Australia. Halting the spread of this disease is imperative to the conservation of several flora species. As Dieback spreads through water in the soil, summer is the optimum time for treatment; a combination of foliar spraying and stem injection of Phosphite can halt the spread of the disease. NAMS has the capacity and capability to provide phosphite treatment services within the Swan Coastal plain. For further information please contact the head office ( or visit NAMS Dieback Control Services page (here)

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