Environmental Management

Environmental management is at the core of everything we do. From planning through to implementation, our team can assist every step of the way. Professional on-ground works are the key to providing quality conservation outcomes.


Revegetation can be a component of a large ecological restoration project or a once off, standalone activity.

Natural Area has the ability to provide an experienced planting team, tools and equipment, planting aids as well as plant stock. Natural Area can provide competitive hourly or per plant rate for planting, no project is too big or too small. Additionally, Natural Area can provide advice on species selection and are able to supply over 300 different species of native plants through our own in-house accredited plant production nursery.

Erosion Control

Erosion can be a serious issue throughout various landscapes and environments in WA.

Erosion can threaten infrastructure and vegetation, particularly in coastal and riverine environments along the Swan and Canning Rivers. Every year, Natural Area is involved with various types of erosion control projects and are well placed to offer general advice on site or detailed site-specific plans, complete with detailed drawings and engineering certifications if required.

Weed Control

Invasive weed species present a high level environmental threat throughout Western Australian’s natural areas.

Weed species out-compete natives, replace food sources of native fauna, alter the composition of natural habitats, potentially increase fire fuel loads and can dramatically affect the aesthetics of an area. Natural Area are weed control specialists and have built a reputation on providing successful outcomes for customers and the environment since 2003. With over 10 years’ of experience in the industry, Natural Area have been involved in numerous weed control projects for developers, private landowners, state government and almost every local council in the Perth Metropolitan Region.

Waste Management Programs

Revegetation can be a component of a large ecological restoration project or a once off, standalone activity.

Natural Area are involved with rubbish removal programs as standalone projects or as part of a larger rehabilitation program where there may be a requirement for monthly rubbish removal.

Vertebrate Pest Management

Feral animal control is often required as part of a holistic approach to environmental restoration.

Feral animals such as rabbits, foxes and cats can cause widespread damage to ecosystems, predating on local native fauna and destroying revegetation works through digging and plant predation. If left unchecked, Kangaroo populations can also cause damage to revegetation works, particularly through predation on seedlings during early stages of development.