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Work Experience at Natural Area

Work experience at Natural Area is unpaid. To be eligible for this program you must be a recent University or TAFE graduate with a qualification in a relevant field of study -or- be in the final stages of study.

Our work experience program is a five-day commitment with a 7:00 am start. You need to be physically fit in order to complete the program.

To apply for the Natural Area Work Experience Program please email the following to the Natural Area HR Manager:

  • Resume with a photograph of you in work or study setting
  • Cover letter outlining your current study situation and your expression of interest in work experience at Natural Area
  • Your answers to the pre-employment questions

You may be asked to attend an interview for placement on the Natural Area Work Experience Program, if you are, please download and read the Employment Application Information. When you arrive for your interview, please sign-in at the front desk, introduce yourself to the team and explain that you have arrived for a work experience interview.

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Work Experience Interview

What should I bring to the interview?
  • Hard copy of your resume
  • Hard copy of your cover letter
  • Hard copy of your answers to the pre-employment questions
  • Hard copies of any supporting documentation such as tertiary qualifications and any other relevant certifications
  • A list of questions to ask and your availability for the Program
What should I wear to the interview?
  • You are required to wear field attire to your interview
  • Long work pants
  • Steel capped work boots
  • Long sleeve high-vis shirt (crease free), or a high-vis vest to wear over a plain work shirt (no other company logos are permitted)

Download our Personal Presentation Guide here

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The Work Experience Program

Have you been offered a place in the Natural Area Work Experience Program?

Want to know what happens next?

Your work experience offer

The HR Manager will send you an offer via email, the offer may be subject to change at any time due to staffing and workloads. When you receive your offer you will need to complete an Employee Information Form and send this to the HR manager; this form contains information about your emergency contact details and it is important that this is submitted prior to your first day. Please confirm receipt of your offer by reply email to the HR Manager, also ensure that your mobile phone number is provided on all email communication. Your offer will include:

  • A proposed start date, if the date is not suitable please notify the HR Manager via reply email
  • An outline of your 5-day program
  • Contact details of who you will be reporting to each day
What should I wear?

For all field and nursery based activities, you are required to wear the following for occupational health and safety reasons. Failure to adhere to this dress code may preclude you from the program:

  • Long work pants in khaki or navy
  • Steel capped work boots (freshly bleached to avoid Dieback transfer)
  • Long sleeve high-vis shirt (crease free), or a high-vis vest to wear over a plain work shirt (no other company logos are permitted)
  • Hat and glasses for sun protection
  • Riggers or gardening gloves
  • Raincoat or wet weather gear if rain is likely
  • For office-based activities, smart business attire is required

Download our Personal Presentation Guide here

What should I bring?
  • Access to food outlets is limited at the depots and on site so it is recommended you bring enough food for morning tea and lunch
  • At least 5L of water
  • You may be required to drive yourself to the work site depending on availability of vehicles from the Natural Area fleet
What should I bring?

Your Program, provided to you by the HR Manager will tell you where you need to be and at what time. The locations of the Natural Area depots can be found here, please note that GPS devices usually fail to locate the Whiteman Depot so please ensure to find this location before you leave home. You are encouraged to make contact with your designated Supervisor the day before to ensure your Program is proceeding as planned and to introduce yourself.

During and after your program
  • During your Program, your Supervisor will assess your performance and report back to the HR Manager
  • Please provide your own feedback to the HR Manager on a daily basis including a brief report on how your day went, interesting things that you are involved with, and who was helpful within the team etc.
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