Natural Area

Environmental Surveys

Natural Area are equipped to undertake a wide range of environmental surveys across WA. Using current survey methodologies and equipment we are able to survey, map, collect data and interpret results for inclusion into reports.

Weed Mapping

Our knowledge of weeds in WA is extensive due to our on-ground experience with natural area management works such as weed control and revegetation.

Natural Area undertake weed mapping across many different sites and our personnel are highly experienced in the identification of all types of flora in WA (weed and native species) due to the experiences gained from working in the field. Identification skills are complimented by GIS and mapping skills.

Fauna Survey

Natural Area can undertake fauna surveys over a range of sites and for a variety of reasons including level 1 and level 2 fauna surveys.

We have undertaken population assessments for Bandicoots and Kangaroos for property developers and have been involved with pit-fall trapping, cage-trapping, microchipping, tagging and release programs.

Flora Survey

Natural Area have been undertaking flora and vegetation surveys in and throughout Perth for the last 10 years.

Our capability in the area of flora and vegetation includes identification of native and non-native species, vegetation type and condition assessment, identification of Declared Rare Flora (DRF) and Priority and Threatened flora. We are familiar with all areas and our team of highly competent biologists and botanists can identify flora species in the field.

Sampling & Monitoring

Sampling of groundwater, surface waters, and soil can reveal the presence of contaminants that need to be managed or can demonstrate the success of management activities.

Natural Area can collect representative samples from appropriate field locations in accordance with requirements of relevant Australian Standards, such as AS/NZS 5667.1.1998 – Water Quality Sampling. Samples are stored and transported to NATA-accredited laboratories for analysis where required. When results are received, they are compared with appropriate guideline documents for interpretation and implications for the project

Site Assessments

Environmental site investigations can be undertaken for a wide variety of reasons and can be basic or complex.

Natural Area can undertake site assessments to determine site characteristics such as flora and fauna assemblages, geology, hydrology, soils, groundwater, contamination and environmental threats.