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Environmental Services Perth

Natural Area can provide qualified and highly trained field crew to complete on-ground environmental services efficiently and safely in order to provide the best possible outcome for you and the environment.

Environmental Management and Services

As a leading provider of environmental management and services, we undertake on-ground contracting work in bushlands, rivers, coastal dunes, wetlands and conservation areas.
Our team has demonstrated results on a broad range of rehabilitation, restoration and revegetation projects and provide fast, efficient service so projects are delivered on time and within budget. Our reputation has been built on providing quality environmental outcomes for our Clients over many years, working closely with commercial and community based groups.
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On Ground Environmental Services

Environmental Management and Services


Natural area revegetation, restoration and rehabilitation services. Planting and direct seeding.

Erosion Control

Bioengineering and hard engineering approaches to mitigate erosion.

Weed Control

Contract weed control, boom spraying, hand weeding services. Fully licenced and trained professional herbicide technicians.

Waste Management Programs

Programmed bushland waste removal and clean-up services.

Feral Animal Control

Integrated management and treatment of feral animal species.

Dieback Services

Phytophthora cinnamomi Dieback management and treatment using phosphite.

Fencing Services

Conservation and rural style fencing for revegetation projects.

Fire Fuel Load Reduction

Fuel load reduction and programmed maintenance to reduce the threat of bushfire attack.

Steam Weed Control

Weed control using saturated steam technology.

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Professional Team of Environmental Technicians