Waste Management

Environmental Waste Management

Illegal rubbish dumping of large household items to small items of litter is a common occurrence throughout bushland reserves and parks. Natural Area are involved with rubbish removal programs as standalone projects or as part of a larger rehabilitation program where there may be a requirement for monthly rubbish removal. With access to appropriate equipment and trained personnel, advice can also be offered to assist in the prevention of illegal dumping, including access point closure, formalising tracks or ongoing monitoring.

  • Coastal Waste Management

    Our large team of trained personnel are able to respond rapidly to requests for coastal clean-up services, including removal of general waste during warmer months when coastlines are often under pressure due to increased public use. We are also able to offer preparation services ahead of rehabilitation works to coastal areas, including removal of rubble, concrete and other foreign materials, and the safe removal of asbestos by trained personnel if required.

  • Bushland Maintenance

    We are able to plan and deliver scheduled bushland maintenance services which include the removal of waste material from a wide range of bushland environments, ensuring that WA’s metropolitan bushland reserves remain aesthetically pleasing and safe for the public.

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Natural Area strive to be environmentally sustainable in all business undertakings. We implement a water re-use system in the nursery and recycle material where appropriate.

  • Recycling

    Natural Area endeavours to recycle as much waste as possible and has developed relationships with many waste disposal services. This includes provision of bricks and concrete which can be crushed and utilised as road base, recycling of scrap metal, plastics and tyres.

  • Nursery

    Our Nursery includes a water re-use system, specifically designed for our operations. We recycle and re-use plastic pots where possible.