Germination Trials

Germination Trials

The process of seed germination can be complex and is influenced by many factors. Natural Area strive to provide a wide range of native species for commercial revegetation and achieve this by continually experimenting with germination trials and propagation techniques and methodologies. We focus on species which are recalcitrant and notoriously difficult to grow by seed and trial cuttings from these species. We are always researching the latest findings from the IPPS and ANPC. We are open to discussing Client’s needs for provenance species which are not readily available from other commercial and wholesale nurseries.

  • Methods

    Germination trials methods are widely researched prior going to trial, and time and care is taken to ensure the correct conditions and cues are simulated to induce germination. Some of our methods include using Jasmonic acid (JA), Gibberellic acid (GA), enzymes, weathering, smoke, bog, temperature variation and scarification.

  • Nutrition Trials

    Commercialised products such as IBDU and Osmocote® are essential for plant growth but in some circumstances may not be beneficial to some species. Natural Area are conducting on-going nutrition trials for specific native species which typically have a high mortality rate. We have experimented with lime water, salt water and Iron Chelate with promising results.

  • Facilities

    Natural Area's Nursery facilities include: weathering stations where trays may be kept for up to 12 months; a well-equipped sterile propagation area; heating and cooling equipment including fridges and heat beds; seed smoking facilities; and protected seed growing areas with the optimum growing conditions.

  • Species

    Some of the species included in our trials are Triodia epactia, Blancoa canescens, Brachyloma preissii, Leptomeria preissiana, Hybanthus calycinus, Dasypogon bromeliifolius.