Perth Seed Bank

Native Seed Bank & Storage

Our substantial Perth seed bank contains native seeds from all over the Perth Metropolitan Region and swan coastal plain which is available to purchase or to grow for orders. After packaging, seed is stored in our purpose built facility which is temperature controlled 24 hours a days. Seed is kept here until passed onto the Client or needed for germination. We track the seed to ensure provenance is maintained. The seed is available for purchase after all project seed requirements and contracts have been fulfilled.

  • Storage

    Natural Area can store seed in our Perth seed bank for as long as required and can perform viability tests to ensure any seed that is stored remains viable for plant production. Storage is offered as part of seed collection services or as a standalone service to Clients who need to store seed collected by a third party.

  • Treatment

    We are able to carry out specified seed treatments on all our seed in order to overcome seed dormancy and promote healthy and viable plants for revegetation. This includes smoke treatments, scarification, temperature treatment etc.

  • Packaging

    Where seed is required for direct seeding, we are able to treat, mix, package and bulk seed into specified seed lots.

natural area

Orders and Purchasing

We can target our seed collection to suit specific Client needs.


Seed in our seed bank is available for purchase as part of revegetation projects, growing contracts or for other Client needs. We can provide provenance seed where it is required.


We offer some seed for small retail purchase. Please contact us for pricing and availability.