Native Landscaping

Native Landscaping Services

Natural Area can provide all services associated with your native landscape project, including design, planning, implementation, plant supply and more. Our purpose built nursery offers a wide range of Western Australian native plant species which are ideal for landscaping uses, and our friendly nursery staff will be happy to assist with plant selection. We can also assist with commercial landscaping on a large scale including hard and softworks such as pathways, walls, fencing and small landscape elements.

  • Water Wide Gardens

    From reticulation design to the use of water saving soils, mulches and plants, Natural Area can offer a range of products and services to provide our clients with landscapes which not only look great, but use minimal water.

  • Commercial Landscaping

    We are experienced in the implementation of large scale planting projects including the grouping of vegetation types, working with traffic management and the installation of additional products such as erosion control products to road batters ahead of planting.

  • Installations

    Our personnel are experienced in the handling and installation of large tree stock and other advanced native plants, providing an instant result for your next landscaping project. We can also provide salvage options, including the provision of advanced grass trees.

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Species Selection & Design

Western Australia is one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet, and Natural Area is able to supply many endemic plant species, including a wide range of traditionally difficult to produce and recalcitrant species which are suitable for landscape in Perth gardens.

Coast Sword-Sedge

Striking when grouped, this robust sedge grows to a height of approximately 1.5 m, making it an ideal plant for low screening vegetation. It is also ideal for use along riparian zones along creekline or lake edges.


Species such as Kennedia prostrata, Grevillea crithmifolia and Hemiandra pungens are ideal groundcovers, providing a striking look whilst preventing weed germination due to their sprawling nature.

Silver foliage

Grouping species such as Olearia axillaris, Eremophila glabra, Conostylis candicans and Jacksonia furcellata is a great way to introduce texture into your landscaping project, with the silver foliage providing a striking mix when grouped with species which display greener foliage. Often these silver leaved species occur naturally in coastal environments, where the lighter and more reflective foliage helps to keep the plant cool.