Environmental Management Plans

Management Plans for the Environment

We can develop, review and implement various types of environmental management plans. This capability stems from many years of practical hands on experience in the field, working closely with clients, environmental agencies and contractors. Our capability in developing environmental management plans extends to preparing and reviewing management plans in line with specifications and requirements established by the client and or DPaW or other regulatory agencies, implementing plans or managing contractors, monitoring and reporting.

Management Plans

Natural Area can prepare the following types of management plans:

  • urban water management plans
  • restoration management plans
  • revegetation management plans
  • bushfire management plans
  • rehabilitation management plans
  • wetland management plans
  • fauna recovery management plans
  • coastal management plans
  • Bushfire Management

    Bushfire management plans and hazard assessments are prepared in accordance with the Planning for Bush Fire Protection Guidelines prepared by the Western Australian Planning Commission, the Department of Planning and the Fire and Emergency Services Authority, as well as AS 3959 – 2009 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas. Bushfire management plans include assessment of vegetation type, slope and bushfire attack levels (BAL), as well document acceptable fire management solutions.

  • Wetland Management

    A range of wetland types exist on the Swan Coastal Plain and in regional Western Australia, including permanent and seasonal lakes. Each has a range of ecological, environmental and social values that require ongoing management. Wetland assessment activities often include: review of current site characteristics, social and historical values, catchment areas, water quality, threatening processes, flora, vegetation and fauna. Appropriate management and mitigation strategies can then be documented in a management plan.

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Revegetation Management Plans

The area of revegetation planning is considered a specialty due to our extensive experience with on ground environmental works.

Revegetation Planning

Natural Area is able to develop realistic revegetation plans with itemised actions, schedule of works, weed management programs and detailed species lists. We can provide full costings of any revegetation program.

What We Do

Natural Area typically undertake the following when preparing and reviewing management plans:

  • Detailed site assessment including inventory of flora, fauna, fungi, soils and geomorphology
  • Review of relevant documents such as current local and regional management plans, guidance and position statements and management guidelines
  • Liaison with relevant local government authorities and government departments
  • Analysis of desktop studies and field studies
  • Prescribe management options or actions which are practical and feasible with measurable success criteria
  • Provide detailed works schedules and costings for implementation
  • Preparation of draft documents for review by client and other stakeholders
  • Incorporate comments, feedback and any changes requested by the client.