Environmental Permits

Clearing Permits and Offsets

Environmental permits in WA primarily relate to native vegetation clearing permits, issued and managed by the Department of Environment Regulation. Clearing native vegetation is prohibited, unless done under a clearing permit, or the clearing is for an exempt purpose. Quite often, environmental offsets are required when undertaking clearing and this involves the rehabilitation of an area to offset the clearing of the native vegetation. Natural Area have a broad capability in the area of environmental permits and vegetation offsets which includes the preparation of clearing permit documentation, offset proposals and the preparation and implementation of offset site management plans. This capability stems from many years of practical hands on experience in the field.

  • Legislation

    Clearing native vegetation in WA is primarily regulated under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 by the Department of Environmental Regulation. The process can be complex and difficult to navigate but Natural Area can assist with guiding proponents through the process. This includes preparing clearing permit applications, undertaking any field investigations to support the permit and preparing offset proposals.

  • Clearing Permits

    A clearing permit will be required if the clearing is not classified as ‘exempt’ under the Environmental Protection Act 1986. A clearing permit application is assessed against several ‘clearing principles’. If the clearing permit application is approved then either an Area Permit or a Purpose Permit is issued. Natural Area can assist throughout the clearing permit application process including preparation of the application, submission with supporting documentation and addressing any queries which may result.

  • Reporting

    The reporting requirements stipulated on a clearing permit will vary from project to project. Natural Area can assist with preparing clearing permit reports including undertaking any field work in order to collect data for inclusion.

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Offset Proposals

What We Do

Works associated with the preparation of vegetation offset proposals and associated revegetation management plans include the following: