Auditing & Risk Assessment

Environmental Auditing and Risk Assessment

Environmental auditing is the process whereby compliance with environmental management systems, licence or approval conditions are evaluated to ascertain if the organisation or proponent is complying with agreed conditions and requirements. Natural Area can undertake compliance audits and management system audits.

Natural Area can undertake environmental risk assessments as standalone projects or as part of a larger project such as in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or in the preparation of environmental management plans.

  • Auditing

    The auditing process involves reviewing the relevant documents, determining the environmental actions that are outlined and then obtaining evidence to confirm whether those actions have been undertaken or complied with.

  • Risk Assessment

    Environmental risk assessment involves assessing the relative risk of a certain threat to a specific environmental factor to aid decision makers with approvals and licences.

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Assessing Environmental Risk

What We Do

When assessing environmental risk, the following activities are usually undertaken:

Risk Ranking

Risk ranking is undertaken by assigning numeric likelihood and consequence levels to each identified risk issue. Once the level of risk has been determined, risks can be prioritised. For all significant risks, control strategies are established to ensure that the adequate controls are implemented.