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Nursery Update: September 2018

Nursery Update: September 2018

What been happening in the Nursery you ask?

Well the last few months have been go, go, go getting all the orders out for winter planting. This week we have been dodging the showers to get a few late orders out and in the ground before it starts heating up. Maintenance wise we’ve been able to remove some old nursery benches in preparation for our new ones and have been able to re-organise the layout a little to make it more user friendly. 

Propagation for the 2019 season has started with potting on well and truly underway. Joska from Everis was in last week to help us with some fertilisation trials for some of our trickier species and Steve from the NGIA was out to conduct our yearly nursery audit. 

We’re also enjoying some of the beautiful spring flowers that are coming out to make the rain more enjoyable!


– Bree Howard, Nursery Manager

Andrew and Joska from Everris
Westringia dampieri
low 8 awaiting new benches
Hibbertia hypericoides
Low 8 old benches
Low 8 benches gone
Ptilotus exaltatus
Hypocal robustum
Ptilotus drummondii 2
Guichenotia ledifolia

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