Natural Area

Plant Production

The nursery has the ability propagate over 600 different native plant species including many recalcitrant species from endemic seed and cuttings. Average production rates are in excess of 700,000 plants per annum.

Plant Propagation

Plant production in the nursery meets project requirements for premium coastal, wetland and Banksia woodland species from the entire Swan Coastal Plain.

Our production also caters for growing contracts and landscape needs. Plant production is supported by a custom built auto-seeder production line which can direct seed 600 cell trays per hour. Most of Natural Area’s large scale revegetation works are carried out using plants grown in the nursery, which means we are able to guarantee the quality of plant stock being used.

Germination Trials

The process of seed germination can be complex and is influenced by many factors.

Natural Area strive to provide a wide range of native species for commercial revegetation and achieve this by continually experimenting with germination techniques and methodologies. We focus on species which are recalcitrant and notoriously difficult to grow by seed, we also trial cuttings from these species.