Seed Collection

Licensed Native Seed Collection

Seed collection is a vital step in all ecological restoration and revegetation projects. Having provenance seed stock from which to propagate native plants ensures the best possible conservation outcome for a project. Natural Area have over 20 years’ experience in collecting native seed from areas in and around Perth. Our seed team are trained and licenced by DBCA and actively seek authorisation from landowners to collect seed. We adhere to the Model Code of Practice for seed collection issued by FloraBank and are following the Seed Accreditation Program  established by RIAWA.

  • Collectors

    Natural Area employ a full-time seed collection team throughout the summer months. The team is fully licenced by DBCA and trained by our senior and experienced collectors, some of whom have over 20 years’ experience with seed collection throughout the state.

  • Authorisation

    Natural Area actively seek authorisation to collect seed from landowners every year. Authorisation is sought from landowners across the state so we can have a range of provenance seed available for contract and project orders.

  • Licencing

    Our seed collectors are licenced by DBCA to collect seed. We are licenced to collect on private and public land.

  • Seed Collection

    We offer contract seed collection services to Clients who need to meet certain provenance requirements for their revegetation projects or to stock their own seed bank.

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Processing and Treatment

The majority of seed collected by Natural Area is utilised for revegetation projects managed in-house. This means we can guarantee the quality of the seed being used and quality of seedlings.


Seed processing is undertaken according to industry best practices and includes:

Seed Treatment

Seed is propagated and germinated in our purpose built propagation area where seed is treated using the appropriate methodology. Natural Area can undertake smoke treatment, heat treatment, scarification, stratification and weathering in order to break seed dormancy exhibited by many native seeds.

Direct Seeding

We have the ability to broadcast seed directly onto revegetation sites. We broadcast by hand on small areas but use specialist equipment to broadcast over large areas. We offer a bulking, mixing and packaging service so seed lots contain the right diversity. Seed treatments are critical to the success of direct seeding projects.