Natural Area

Perth Seed Services

Natural Area provide Perth seed services and collection. This is a vital step in all ecological restoration and revegetation projects. Having provenance seed stock from which to propagate native plants ensures the best possible conservation outcome for a project.

Seed Collection

Natural Area have over 10 years’ experience in collecting native seed from areas in and around Perth. Our seed team are trained and licenced by DBCA and actively seek authorisation from landowners to collect seed.

We offer Perth seed services including collection, processing and storage as a standalone service or as part of growing contracts and projects. Throughout summer, we collect seed across WA, under licence and with approval from landowners to fill our seed bank and offer a wide range of provenance to customers.

Seed Bank

Natural Area has built a substantial seed bank of native seeds from all over the Perth Metropolitan Region which is available to purchase or to grow for orders.

After packaging, seed is stored in our purpose built facility which is temperature controlled 24 hours a days. Seed is kept here until passed onto the Client or needed for germination. We use specialist seed management software to track the seed to ensure provenance is maintained. The seed is available for purchase after all project seed requirements and contracts have been fulfilled.