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Project: Somerville Offset Site

Offset site management in the South West for the City of Bunbury

The Somerville Offset Site is approximately 3.4ha of bushland just north of the Bunbury Regional Airport in the South West of Western Australia. The site required management according to the approved Environmental Offset Management Plan to manage impacts associated with roadworks undertaken by the City of Bunbury.

Natural Area could provide all the services required to ensure the City was compliant with the Environmental Offset Management Plan for the Somerville Offset Site. Works commenced in 2013 and were completed in 2014

Key Components of the Project

  • Planting native seedlings
  • Weed mapping
  • Targeted weed control
  • Rubbish removal
  • Installation of bollards
  • Track brushing
  • Fence repair and maintain
  • Phytophthora Dieback survey
  • Phytophthora Dieback management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

Weed Mapping

An area of 4.6ha was mapped for weeds during the winter of 2013 to determine the locations and density of nine priority weed species. The weed maps were used to guide on ground treatment of these species.

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Bushland Track Management

The success of revegetation on this project depended on the success of seedlings. In order to promote this success, informal access tracks through the bushland were managed by installing bollards and brush wood. Bollards prevent vehicles from accessing the revegetation sites and brush wood deters foot traffic.

Dieback Mapping and Management

Phytophthora Dieback is a serious threat to biodiversity in the South West and needed to be managed at the revegetation site. Hygiene protocols were developed to ensure that visitors and contractors at the site were aware of this threat and were given to the tools to manage it. The mapping was undertaken by Glevan Consulting on behalf of Natural Area.

Revegetation Monitoring

A monitoring program was implemented to assess the outcomes of the revegetation and weed control activities. Permanent quadrats and transects were established to monitor species presence/absence, percentage cover and vegetation health.

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