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Meet the Team
A little history…

Natural Area employs a range of personnel with complimentary training, qualification and skills including operational personnel, project managers, horticulturalists, scientists, biologists and botanists.

We employ the largest full-time environmental field crew in WA which means we have the capacity to undertake projects in-house. With a full time team of dedicated professionals, skills are retained and knowledge is passed on from season to season. We have the ability to manage sub-contractors, communicate with clients and community members, troubleshoot on the job and complete works in a timely manner and to a high standard.


Our Core Team


Luke Summers

Managing Director



Ben Cocker

General Manager



Caitlyn White

Environmental Programs Administrator



James Gummer

Training & Quality Control Manager

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    Matthew Wood

    Regional Field Ops. Manager - Whiteman

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    Sue Brand

    Senior Environmental Consultant

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