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EnvironmentaI Impact Assessment
Environmental Approvals and EIA

Natural Area has a broad capability in the area of environmental approvals and impact assessment and can assist with all aspects of work from coordinating baseline studies to preparing and submitting regulatory documents for approval by relevant authorities. We can consult with large mining companies on large-scale projects and individual landowners on smaller, local projects.

Field Work

Natural Area can undertake field work throughout Western Australia including remote and mining locations. We have an inventory of field equipment and resources for data collection and some field analysis. We specialise in flora, vegetation and fauna surveys but can undertake various other types of environmental surveys that may be required as part of the EIA process.

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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in WA is primarily regulated under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). The process is rigorous but can be complex and difficult to navigate. Natural Area can assist in determining if a proposal needs to be referred to the EPA and then how the proposal should be managed pending the EPA’s assessment of the proposal. This includes preparing documentation to regulation standards and undertaking the correct field work in order to collect appropriate data.


The level of reporting will vary depending on the EPA’s assessment of the proposal. Natural Area can assist with preparing initial reports and on-going reports including the collection of appropriate data at the determined intervals.

EIA Planning and Reporting
The EIA process can be rigorous and complex but Natural Area can guide proponents through it.
What We Do

Natural Area can undertake the following:

  • Provide advice to clients in relation to environmental regulations specific to their projects and discuss the best strategy for seeking relevant approvals for work
  • Preparation of regulatory documents for submission to authorities, including proposals for mining, drilling, boring, clearing, environmental scoping documents and environmental referral documents
  • Preparation of formal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) documentation and liaison with the Environmental Protection Authority, Department of Environment, and other regulatory bodies
  • On-ground baseline surveys including flora and fauna, groundwater, and soil assessments.
  • Warradarge Environmental Plan and Exploration Drilling Program, (Titan Energy, 2013)
  • Rendezvous Road Subdivision (Vasse Property Pty Ltd, since 2010)
  • Doggerup Road EPA Approvals (Bio Diverse Solutions, 2010 & 2014)
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